Painting, Drawing, Ceramic, Sculpture 

I am inspired by people and the environment.  I work in all mediums often focusing on the figure, portraiture and busts.  Originally a painter but upon completion of my Master of Art at COFA I moved to Sculpture and Ceramics.  I have studied ceramics at the Workshop Arts Centre, Willoughby NSW Australia for 10 years and so there has been a cross pollination of painting and clay. 

I am drawn to the figure and form and I am inspired by the variety of glazes and firing techniques.  I use both hand building and wheel throwing skills.

I have been a member of the Sulptors Society and Australian Ceramic Association for the past 5 years.

I have undertaken a number of Field trips and Workshops to Fowlers Gap, Broken Hill and to Ibud in Bali which have influenced my work. 

In  October 2015 I took part in an Artist Residency at Artes Studio Ginestrelle,  Assisi Umbria.  My works reflect my response to the environment in painting and also land art.  The paintings were figurative and still life.  I was inspired by Giotto's Frescos and Iconography.  I enjoyed the play on 21st iconography.  The land art was inspired by the ancient terracotta roof tiles and the farmhouse where the residency was situated.  The tiles sat alongside the wood pile, stick pile and stone pile with the garden shed close by.  The images were taken by Alan Ibel a fellow artist and the construction was a team effort myself and Nadege Figarol.  The mood invoked by the black and white images and figures in the distance hint at mystery and it perhaps urges the viewer to look further.